pensions & fantasy

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Fri Feb 26 09:06:23 PST 1999

Brad, Doug only wrote the first bit. Who else but Carrol (now that Lou is gone) would write the second?

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>>Doug Henwood wrote:
>>> The March Progressive also contains a painfully dumb article on
>>> "postmodernism" by Barbara Ehrenreich.
>>I stopped reading at that point. Such propositions as "You know, I
>>hope, who I'm talking about," simply eliminate the writer from the
>>list of peole who one wishes to read, to listen to, or even share the
>>same restaurant table with.
>Really? Ehrenreich has written a lot of very good and interesting stuff
>over decades (and a bunch of howlers as well).
>Life is boring--and you learn nothing at all--if you only read people with
>whom you agree...
>Brad DeLong

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