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Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Fri Feb 26 11:15:22 PST 1999

Dear Doug,

Your LBO analysis of Representative Nadler is very informative. I didn't know anything about this port of New York business or lack of rail transport into Manhattan(?). You should encourage Jerry to talk about it on C-Span. I think people really like to hear about real stuff. Not just fluff. I hope you talk about it more too!

The port of Lorain is considered to be the best naturally occurring harbor on Lake Erie. The only problem is that back in the early 60's, before the environment became a concern, a sewage treatment plant was built in the middle of the harbor. It would cost a small fortune to move it today---at least the cost of a small scale cruise missile attack or maybe a special corporate tax break. Then there is the pellet terminal, which the city allowed during the 80's panic in the steel industry---a very ugly site that needs re-located to a less prominent location.

Any comments about air and noise pollution caused by aircraft?

Your email pal,

Tom L.

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Tom Lehman wrote:
> >Your congressman is scheduled to be in Cleveland in mid-March for an Americans
> >for Democratic Action swankenda. I've been invited,but, I can't get real
> >excited about Congressman Nadler for obvious reasons. Not that I've got
> >anything against fat people. Some of my best friends are fat persons! And I
> >don't like to make fun of fat people because maybe they have some kind of
> >glandular problem. Besides I might get fat someday too. Currently I'm around
> >200 lbs. which is ok, I guess for 6'1".
> >
> >Which AFL-CIO is congressman Nadler talking about. The AFL-CIO around and
> >under LBO world headquarters? The New York state AFL-CIO? The one in
> >Washington?
> >
> >I'd be more than willing to send Congressman Nadler your analysis of Social
> >Security!
> Nadler's a pretty good guy as Congresspersons go. He was ranked as the
> second most left-wing House member by Roll Call a couple of years ago,
> after Maxine Waters. He's smart, articulate, and well-informed, very
> unusual characteristics for a U.S. legislator, as an C-SPAN viewer knows.
> Nadler's taken up the very unfashionable cause of rebuilding the port of
> New York, which the FIRE people exiled to New Jersey. But the New Jersey
> port can't handle today's giant ships, while the old New York port could
> easily. Not having the port in New York helped accelerate the decline of
> manufacturing, and the lack of a port (and a direct rail link to the
> mainland, another Nadler cause) not only raises the costs for manufacturers
> in Brooklyn and Queens, it means that everything that comes into NYC and
> Long Island has to come by truck, which is hell on the air and the roads.
> Chic liberals like Ruth Messinger hate this stuff.
> He's got the LBO analysis of SS already. I think he's referring to the
> national AFL-CIO, known affectionately as The Building.
> Doug

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