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Sat Feb 27 07:48:17 PST 1999

Dear Doug and the LBOers,

Once again I'd like to mention a book that I think is worth reading.

It's called PR! A Social History of Spin by Stuart Ewen. You can probably pick it up at your local library---and save yourself a few dollars---if you like it you can buy it in paper for $17.00. I think that most of the LBOers will want to ad this book to their personal collections.

I don't know the author and I'm usually a little dubious of guys named Stuart, but, I wouldn't let that stop me from reading this book. Which is a history of modern public relations and at the same time an excellent how-to-manual for anyone engaged in any kind of advocacy or democracy. Union worthies in particular should read this book!

If anyone has read this book and has any comments I would love to read them on LBO.

Your email pal,

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