Alex LoCascio's conversion

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Sat Feb 27 15:32:28 PST 1999

Alex wrote,

"Either theory is totally unnecessary as a basis for activism, or you acknowledge that the weak nature of activism these days has something to do with the pervasive influence of what Doug calls 'Alinsky-style' organizing."

That's about as muddled as you can get. Activism doesn't require revolutionary theory; it requires people who are willing to become engaged in struggle for change -- against war or injustice, for higher wages or abortion rights or free child care, or whatever. Revolutionary theory is necessary to construct a revolutionary movement. Not having met up with the likes of Alex, Lenin never imagined the need to say that more is required than revolutionary theory.

But I did not lift anything out of context. Just as the non-revolutionary SDs in Germany weren't perfect enough for the KPD, today's activists aren't worthy of Alex's approval. That's why his plea for unity is so hypocritical, despict the flicker of suggestion that he harbors better politics than activist- baiting his provocations on LBO-talk suggest.

Ken Lawrence

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