Genetically Modified (GM) Food

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Feb 28 08:38:31 PST 1999

>G'day Observers,
>I tend to James's side in this thorny debate (the ignoramus can but tend).
>It does occur to me that higher-yield/longer-lasting crops (and I
>wholeheartedly agree with Mike that tomatoes ain't what they used to be -
>nor bacon, cheddar or capsicum -

They are at Andronico's (at least, they are as good as anything I can grow) at about the same real labor-time price that American consumers paid 70 years ago. To grow a truly ripe, truly flavorful tomato takes a lot of close cultivation--and you then cannot profitably sell the product for 49 cents a pound.

Modern rubber tomatoes have one big advantage: they are really, really cheap because they require really, really little social labor time to grow...

Brad DeLong

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