Hitchens on homophobia

digloria at mindspring.com digloria at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 28 19:49:53 PST 1999

>I think you two are a little off the mark here. Saying that gay men have
>to be more physically fit than straight men to attract mates isn't a slur
>on women; it's a slur on men. It's essentially accusing us men of making
>physical beauty a precondition for affection more than women do. Which
>seems both basically true and tribute to women's better sense. It's also
>the best evidence I know that there is such a thing as a male gaze and
>that people are affected by it.

women have a better sense? from exactly where do they get this? are they just born with it? so women are naturally more sensible than men, ey?

het women have, historically, devalued physical attractiveness in men precisely because they have had little in the way of economic/social/political power. women tend to value men's economic stability/earning potential and their 'character' because they've had to rely on men in order to make a decent living--especially if they've felt it their obligation to bear and raise children. so, choosing a partner who is physically attractive is unwise as that partner may well decide to take a hike some day and leave her with the kids, etc. there is nothing natural about women's 'sense' in this regard

furthermore, it *is* a slight against women if you think of it in terms of the exchange of erotic property. the suggestion is that gay men have more attractive available partners to choose from whereas older het women do not and thus will settle for less.


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