Meidner Plan

Michael Pollak mpollak at
Fri Jan 22 23:45:54 PST 1999

Speaking of socialism creeping in by means of the stock market, does anyone remember Meidner Plan or what happened to it? Back in the early 80's when Sweden's economy was still humming along and unionization was still over 80% of the workforce, the Swedish Social Democrats proposed to invest union pension funds in the stock market at such a rate that they would own more than half the assets of the country within 10 years. And there wasn't much opposition to it at the time. I think the plan even went through it's initial stage. But since I've never heard of it again, I assume it was all for nought, and I was wondering what happened to it. Especially since it seems to be the spectre haunting Allan Greenspan. If anyone has a cite, I'm all eyes.


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