Barbarism, or, the Death Penalty

rayrena rayrena at
Tue Mar 2 20:09:13 PST 1999

Bill Lear wrote:

>>From time to time, sadly, we will find it necessary to remove people
>from society because they pose too great a threat to others' freedoms
>(including life, naturally). At the time we find such removal

Or maybe such removal--in the lock-em-up sense--isn't necessary. I saw Angela Davis speak a few weeks ago, and she bandied about the idea of the abolition of prisons--an idea that makes more sense the more I think about it. Her point was that prisons are relatively new institutions in human history and our infatuation with them may be just a passing fad. She also claimed that 300 hundred years ago the abolition of slavery seemed as absurd an idea as the abolition of prisons does today.

But what to do about brutal murderers then? I don't know, but destroying capitalism seems like a good way to ensure that there a lot fewer of them.


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