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from http://www.cspc.org/

The Center for the Study of the Popular Cultureís online magazine. FrontPage features daily bulletins, columns by David Horowitz and Larry Elder, and constant updates on the ongoing crises of our day, from multiculturalism to the Clinton presidency.

The Individual Rights Foundation is the legal arm of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, designed to respond to the growing threat to constitutional rights. View cases pending, read about our victories for individual rights, or suggest a possible suit.

The flagship publication of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, Heterodoxy is a monthly journal of "articles and animadversions on political correctness and other follies." Preview the current issue, browse our archive of past articles, or subscribe online.

The Center publishes books and pamphlets under the Second Thoughts imprint. Browse our library of classic works -- ordering is just a click away.

Founded to "support diversity of thought and expression within the entertainment community." Check out our calendar of upcoming events, register for an event, read about our past speakers, or become a member online.

Hollywood Concerned holds benefits and produces public-service announcements for charities serving children and the disadvantaged. It promotes an ongoing dialogue between Washington politicians and charitable foundations.

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