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Paul Henry Rosenberg rad at gte.net
Wed Mar 3 10:07:30 PST 1999

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Paul Henry Rosenberg wrote:
> >It's a neo-McCarthyiste organization Horowitz established, funded by the
> >usual suspects. His signature efforts all much like this one --
> >attempts to shut people up.
> >
> >The one that really put him on the map was his attack on Globalvision's
> >"South Africa Now", which he attacked as -- you guessed it! -- Marxist
> >propoaganda. The Marxists in question being the ANC.
> I have a problem with this sort of liberal anti-McCarthyism: it's an insult
> to the better side of communist history. The ANC wasn't Marxist, but the
> South African Communist Party was an important part of the anti-apartheid
> struggle (though it's compromised itself, just like the ANC has, in the
> post-apartheid era), and Soviet aid helped keep the ANC going during
> apartheid's strongest days. And there were indeed real Communists in the US
> during the McCarthy era, organizing workers and tenants and other good
> things (when they weren't defending Stalin and the Democratic Party).
> McCarthy was, and Horowitz is, the devil's representative on earth, but
> let's not accept their use of "Communist" as a slur in the process.

I agree whole-heartedly, Doug. I don't know why you think I was engaged in "liberal anti-McCarthyism."

What I find so absurdistly comical about Horowitz is that his attempted slurs do more to publicize the nobility of Communist involvement than anything said by anyone else given space in the "liberal media."

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