booze next!

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Mar 3 10:13:05 PST 1999

Those of us convinced that the next health fascists' target after tobacco would be booze have some evidence in the December issue of Multinational Monitor, "Big Alcohol Puts on a Front," an article by one Hilary Abramson unveiling the International Center for Alcohol Policies as an industry-funded front. Less interesting than that piece of info is the article's general tone - the deliberate rhetorical parallel between Big Alcohol and Big Tobacco established in the first paragraph, the mysteriously precise dollar estimates of damage ("alcohol problems in the United States costs society an estimated $148 billion a year"), and the alarmed oppressive tone ("pleasure took precedence over risk at ICAP's first international conference..."). We learn that "consuming three to four drinks at one occasion" is "at-risk behavior."

Nader could probably do a good business in selling hair shirts; maybe he should diversify his funding sources away from trial lawyers!


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