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[An eruption from the creeps at NPG.]

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>Subject: Press Release - No More Amnesties
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>No More Amnesties. Encourage Repatriation, says NPG
>NPG Applauds Lamar Smith's Principled Stand on Central Americans
>Washington, DC (March 4) ó The national public education organization
>Negative Population Growth today issued the following statement from its
>national headquarters in Washington, D.C.:
>"NPG would like to applaud the leadership of U.S. Representative Lamar
>Smith of Texas in fighting for sensible immigration enforcement policies
>in the national interest. NPG is especially supportive of his recent
>efforts to oppose a move by the Clinton Administration to illegally
>expand language of the Immigration and Nationality Act to create a de
>facto amnesty program for hundreds of thousands of Central Americans
>here illegally. NPG believes that our political leadership is now
>routinely breaching a solemn commitment to the American people made in
>1986 that there would be one, and only one, immigration amnesty.
>"NPG issues these comments on a day when Mr. Smith, Chairman of the
>House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, convenes a
>hearing on past abusive practices in the administration of previous
>amnesties and temporary protection programs. Speaking on behalf of the
>NPG membership nationwide, we categorically state that neither sound
>policy nor law dictates that the Congress can endorse a policy that
>rewards institutional lawlessness and law-breaking.
>"Congressman Smith is standing firm on an important issue of law. When
>non-refugees ask for temporary protection from deportation during
>significant instability in the home country, they have an obligation to
>return home at the appropriate time, not use the process as a subterfuge
>for back-door permanent immigration. The Administration should resist
>the temptation to try to use lawful provisions for case-by-case
>determinations of "extraordinary hardship" as vehicles to create a
>rolling amnesty.
>"NPG is grateful for his guidance in an oft-underappreciated, but sorely
>needed leadership role."
>NPG is a national membership organization working to reduce population
>growth and provide a sustainable environment for all Americans. Comments
>may be attributed to Sharon McCloe Stein, NPG executive director.
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