Minge-Herger Bill

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Thu Mar 4 21:14:28 PST 1999

> Thanks Max. I didn't realize that Clinton also means to spend
> some of the surplus.

Not actually. "Surplus" is defined in the budget such that the current nominal level of discretionary (non-entitlement) spending is fixed through FY2003 (or 4, I forget). So the projection is inflated relative to a reasonable, minimalist baseline of projected spending. Most of Clinton's "spending" amounts to restoring the projected fixed level to a level (e.g., non-increasing) inflation- adjusted level. Second, the launching of the missile defense project will probably eat up most loose change even in these limite terms, so domestic spending will shrink relative to defense.

Our liberal budget advocates are so addled they haven't the gumption to call this budget what it is.

> I'm gonna go read Horowitz and wretch.

Bon appetite.


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