Death Penalty: Report From Canada

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Fri Mar 5 11:42:01 PST 1999

> Arguments for the death penalty take a form of retributive
justice that _assumes_ free will and that human behavior is not causally determined. >

Just so. People are held responsible for their own actions. They are not dumb brutes manipulated by their environment. Which is the more humanistic view?

> What gives the capitalist state the right to take someone's

>From where do rights originate, if not collective decisions?
>From God?

> The human race is the only species that has bloodlust.>

You assume bloodlust rather than other motives. I'm no zoologist but watching one of the nature shows w/my daughter (there's some violence on TV for you), there was an episode where adult lions routinely kill baby cheetahs without eating them, and for no apparent reason. So I suspect you are inaccurate on this one.


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