Burn, Baby, Burn! (was Re: death and the Death Penalty)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sat Mar 6 15:31:56 PST 1999

Doug (or DOg) replied:
>>Or go to the NY Stock Exchange and urinate
>>upon rich white guys in expensive Italian suits.
>Unfortunately they glassed in the visitors gallery after Abbie Hoffman &
>Co. showered the floor with dollar bills, so they could have the Yippie
>pleasure of watching the traders scramble for the cash. Besides, they wear
>their trading jackets over their suits, so their expensive Italian thread
>would probably emerge unmoistened.

In that case, _you_ must lead workers to their favorite hangouts, waving a red flag, like Charlie Chaplin in _Modern Times_. What is a NY intellectual for, if not mapping out the enemy territory well? Where to? Lutèce? Le Bernardin?

On second thoughts, we might first make a visit to Barneys to get some Italian threads (and for me, a new hat for spring) without credit cards.


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