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digloria at mindspring.com digloria at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 7 05:54:06 PST 1999

doyle: firstly, i wasn't intentionally obscuring my 'true' identity--whatever that means. i've been working back and forth with two email programs and mucking around with the sig files because of some inside jokes at bad and forgot that it wasn't set to auto sign my 'real' name.

since you took great joy in 'exposing' me i thought you might be aware of what happened at bad which is associated w/ why doug won't let a character named robert chavez on this list. i was trying actually to give you the benefit of the doubt, assuming you knew that it wasn't dangerous to expose me.

otherwise i think it might behoove you to consider a couple of things

1. your 'expose' might have been inappropriate insofar as i may have good reasons for having a new address. say, perhaps, i wanted to avoid harasment in case this character was on this list. ( i've discovered he's subbed to every list i'm on.) you knew nothing of this and simply assumed that i was up to no good. why, i have no clue since i was clearly not engaged in the 'tentacle' game as we call it at bad (creating new personas that can play out positions they might not otherwise take; or just to stir up trouble, etc). so, i'm not clear as to why you thought it was terribly important to start out by listing my various handles, handles which are 'me' for various reasons (d-m-c --danny and mommy; snitgrrRl is a real nickname because of the fact that i get in snits on some issues--it is me)

in general, consider that maybe i simply had two addresses and wrote in under a second one. sort of like what alex has done lately writing in under 'billy elgin' yes, yes confusing b/c i didn't attach my 'real' name.

but that leads me to a more important issue

2. why is it necessary for you or paul or anyone else to 'know' the identity behind the 'from name'? does this make a difference as to how you

or paul or anyone else responds? why? doesn't 'digloria' deserve a reasonable response regardless of 'who' that person is?

or do you want me to come clean because it's important to know who 'i' am, what groups i belong to or identify with, my life history revealed through categories like race, gender, class, etc because it is just rilly rilly impossible to evaluate the validity of what i say without also considering on what grounds and terms i have right to at all?

if it troubles folks that i don't have a name attached to d-m-c or digloria pls consider why there might be perfectly innocuous reasons: i don't always want to be identified precisely b/c of the chavez's of the world. i pay to have this privacy when i could have an account free from my uni. it is nice to be able to engage in discussions freely without people being able to look up info about me.

eric beck and ken don't use a from name w/ rayrena@ or aspenk@ so why am i suspect when i have an addy diff from the name i sign? has anyone found it esp difficult to address eric as eric or ken as ken despite the fact that his addy is different? but lotsa folks had problems with snitgrrRl, why is that?

>Does it take a
>graduate school education to read, or can a high school dropout read them?

puh-lease. of course someone without a high school education is going to have a hard time reading them. but hey you could have taken my recommendations as an indication that i thought you perfectly capable of reading them and understanding them.

pls unpack the moral entrepreneurship that you've engaged in above.

and while we're at it, why don't we just discount academic work because it often requires more than a ninth grade education. and pls don't go on about high school drop outs. my sister dropped out in the ninth grade. honestly, dismissing work because it is bound by the language of a discipline or might require some formal edcuation or might even require some familiarity with the enduring issues that characterize a discipline is a thoroughly ridiculous claim to make. surely were i to pick up a nueroscience text i'm going to be lost. that doesn't mean that what neuroscience has to say is unimportant and to be dismissed out of hand because i don't understand it. what it means is that i have to do more work.

now, if someone is claiming to be speaking to a general audience then surely they should be called up for this sort of mistake. however, this charge about difficulty reading and understanding butler or anyone else is misguided insofar as butler and most academics ain't writing for a general audience. butler's writing within the context of her discipline, philosophy, and she ought to be judged as to how well her work operates in that context.

finally, as for this:

> Just for public knowledge I was there and started writing and I got
>attacked right away. I left because I wasn't welcome there.

completely irrelevant, of course, but as i recall you weren't attacked. you and frogjake engaged in a discussion of depression and medication. it was interesting convo that i lurked on. however, someone who suffers from depression and has taken medication for it all his life asked you to engage in more critical self-reflection about depression as a biological/genetic disorder, about medicalization and psychologizing depression and so forth. and then someone flamed you and frogjake for going on at length about this topic uncritically and sharing stories of depression and drugs. she told you guys to take it to alt.soc.depression or soemthing like that. personally i thought that was uncalled for. but that you consider 'bad' flammage different from the way 'lbo' operates when newcomers or lurkers ask questions that indicate a lack of understanding of a marxist/leftist position is really quite astounding.


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