Buchanan and the Balkans

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. rosserjb at jmu.edu
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I agree.

Actually, given that the Rwanda was probably the biggest slaughter in the world since WW II after the partition of India and the Cambodian genocide, it is an interesting point that it was not even remotely on the political agenda of the United States to do anything about it. It is easier to explain the hands-off attitude in the other two cases, given their particular historical circumstances (and the important causal role the US played in the Cambodian case). The complete lack of action or even intention of action by the US in Rwanda is extremely telling to my mind.

BTW, when Laurent Kabila first began his revolt in Zaire/Congo I was in France and there was near hysteria in the French press accusing the US of engaging in an imperialist plot to cut into and undermine Francophone Africa, Mobutu having basically joined that zone, even though his country was not previously a French colony, although there are lots of French speakers in Belgium.

Did you see that Ta Mok was captured, the last Khmer Rouge commander? Le Khmer Rouge est mort.

My daughter and I have just started _The Return of the King_. She had kind of liked Gollum and thus was pretty upset by his betrayal of Frodos and Sam at Cirith Ungol with Shelob and all that. Barkley -----Original Message----- From: Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu> To: Rosser Jr, John Barkley <rosserjb at jmu.edu> Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 9:19 PM Subject: Re: Buchanan and the Balkans

>"J. Barkley Rosser, Jr." wrote:
>> Carrol,
>> Well, the Yankees did stay out of Rwanda where French-backed forces
>> engaged in a major genocide. There was little push in the US to do
>> about it. But if there had been would an intervention to stop the
>I'm over limit two days running, so I'll reply off list.
>When the U.S. intervenes against forces backed by France or U.K. or
>Japan or Germany Stalin's prediction of WW 3 as an inter-imperialist
>war will have been justified. I can't imagine it -- and don't know
>whether if it happened it would be the dawn of The Revolution all
>over the world or Armegeddon.
>Can you imagine Germany sending troops to Columbia to fight against
>a U.S. backed Columbian army???!!!
>Your "if" is just too far-fetched.

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