incarceration politics

Marta Russell ap888 at
Mon Mar 8 18:55:12 PST 1999

> Michael Perelman wrote:
> >My suspicion is that policy makers know full well that the present rate of
> >incarceration is irrational, but they have fanned the flames of fear and
> >cannot
> >suddenly claim that crime is no longer so threatening.

To add one more thought. Trent Lott and buddies have been desperate to get prisons exempted from the ADA. Somewhere I read that a large number of prisoners have mental disabilities. We also know here in LA that many gang members join the ranks of paraplegics and end up in jail. Right now prisons basically ignore the needs of disabled inmates. The economics behind not making the ADA apply to prisons are obvious, accommodating disability can be expensive. I would venture to say that if Lott does not succeed that we may see the three strikes law become a thing of the past here in California.

Marta Russell

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