CIA Socialists

Sam Pawlett epawlett at
Tue Mar 9 18:48:45 PST 1999

> Besides Gloria Steinem and Norman Thomas, the old SP/YPSL branch at Boulder,
> Colorado spawned the chief mentors of the Nicaraguan contras. Dave Arnold
> wrote a song about them in 1959, with such lyrics as
> They call it socialism, but it's leftwing militarism
> In Boulder, Colorado
> These guys (folks like Carl Gershman and Penn Kemble) later emerged, via
> Social Democrats USA, as Ronald Reagan's international hatchet men.

All excellent information. I've heard the League for Industrial Democracy is a conduit for CIA funds. The Dennis King book on L.Larouche acknowledges the League for I.D. and the Smith-Richardson foundation for support. It seems there was a CIA/right wing effort to bring down LaRouche.


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