Crimes of Unreason

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Mar 10 12:46:43 PST 1999

> Charles: The main goof up is to think that the guys who run many
> unsafe factories are innocent compared with random murderers. The

It's not the main goof up because nobody here has made that goof. You did not see the word 'innocent' married to 'unsafe factories' in my posts.

> deaths of people who die from many factory decisions are
> foreseeable and random. As one of the Supreme Court Justices
> formulated it in tort law, one intends the forseeable and
> necessary consequences of one's actions. The same principle

Legal simpleton that I am, I know that a tort is not the same as a capital crime.

> applied to many profit before people decisions supplies a
> reckless mental element that corresponds to the mental element of
> recklessness or depraved indifference to human life that are
> elements of legal murder, although the bourgeois criminal legal
> system does not consistently apply its own logic, of course. The
> types of killings that Max distinguishes are more are logially
> more comparable than he indicates.
> One infamous example it Ford's foreknowledge of the exploding
> rearended Pinto. Recall was more expensive than paying wrongful
> death suits and so they let the people die. That is profits
> before people murder in a Peoples' Court.

Is it capital murder, even in a peoples' court? Is it as deserving of punishment as what Tim McVeigh did?


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