technology (Re: Horowitz's center)

rc-am rcollins at
Wed Mar 10 10:10:19 PST 1999

>The question is, how does this relate to Marx's thinking? If modes
>production (technologies) are the primary determinant of social

mode of production is not technology, and technology certainly does not determine the mode of production or the social relations which it consists of. i'm closer to you here than many marxists who think technology is our saviour; but i wouldn't resolve this into a question of being for or against technology. the shortening of necessary labour time is a good thing isn't it? the problem consists in whether or not this is attached to a limitless lengthening of surplus labour, as it is now.

>what difference does it make who nominally owns those
>technologies, the distribution of social power will be the same.

which raises the question: is communism defined by the abolition of private property or the abolition of the value form? the latter is certainly not reducible to the former.


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