Polanyi's great transformation

Fellows, Jeffrey jmf9 at cdc.gov
Thu Mar 11 06:14:13 PST 1999

Okay, okay, may be my own experience teaching with the book was not the norm and I shouldn't give up on it so easily. I do think it's a lovely book and one of my favorites. The consensus among my (largely rich, white, temporary liberal) students was that Polanyi's writing style was a barrier.


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>>>_The Great
>>>Transformation_ is a magnificent book. But, like many, I have no doubt
>>>that it can be used for all kinds of purposes.
>>Except teaching economics to American undergrad students.
>Yes it can. I use it. Dani Rodrik uses it...
>Brad DeLong>

I'm an undergrad and I read most of it just last semester in fact -- although for a history class, not an econ course.

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