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If the followers of Ayn Rand "conflate" communists with Nazis, then they might "think" that communists are anti-libertarian per se. Thus, libertarian freedoms for communists could only lead to total suppression of liberty if the communists succeed with their program. Thereby the Rand followers would justify a special exception to their general libertarianism to suppress communist advocacy.

Of course, in reality Rand followers, despite my speculation above, seem to practice in a way that liberty is guaranteed for the rich classes.

Charles Brown

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>Subject: Protest against Elia Kazan lifetime achievement award
>There will be a right-wing counterdemonstration
>by the
>Ayn Rand Institute, on the grounds that Elia Kazan is an anticommunist
>who saved America from becoming a soviet state with poverty and
>gulags, who
>say being a member of the communist party was like being a Nazi.

One thing about Ayn Rand (who testified before the HUAC as a "friendly" witness) and her latter day disciples is how the forcing people to testify before Congress, as well as the general blacklist could be regarded as being in anyway compatible with libertarian principles?

Jim Farmelant

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