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As for using him to teach, my main problem has been the

heavy dosage of what usually would qualify as

"intellectual history." If you're trying to teach the

reasons for various disequilibria (gold standard,

whatever) and how the state and society react to them,

you find yourself having to wade through Owen, Burke,

and what have you. Pedgagoically the book requires you

to teach what we (in poly sci) would call "political

theory" at the same time that one is trying to

elucidate the dynamics of "political economy." >>

Hey Greg,

I've been thinking exactly along these lines - however, I'm interested in using Polyani in a finance course - something like "the Political Economy of Finance" or "History of Finance and Financial Institutions." Mind you, I have to develop such a course and it passed through a bunch of academic "approval" committees but I think I can put together an interesting syllabus.

Any thoughts?


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