Dow 1,000,000

Peter Kilander peterk at
Sat Mar 13 16:28:33 PST 1999

>>Hey Doug, interested in being the Chairman of Council of Economic Advisors
>>in my White House?
>No, I want to chair the Fed. Yoshie could run the CEA.

I nominate Max Sawicky for Press Secretary.

I'd give up my high-paying private sector job to be Drug Czar/Surgeon General.

First priority would be to legalize marajuana. I'd put Bill Buckley in charge of that.

Then I'd have the AmeriCorps kids pass out Viagra and condoms.

I'd hold a press conference and say ketchup is not a vegetable.

I'd quote Zizek(!) and say kids must masturbate becaue they can.

Larry Flynt would by my Blumenthal/spin-meister/attack dog. We'd encourage the press to nickname me "The Candyman."

Prozac would be distributed free of charge to right-wing white angry males.

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