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Doyle Saylor djsaylor at primenet.com
Sat Mar 13 19:59:50 PST 1999

Hello everyone,

I've been gone all day. I was over at Berkeley this morning watching Marta jaw with some perfessor type on the podium at Boalt Hall. When I walked up danged if she didn't recognize me. I wonder what it is that makes me so distinctive?

Angela corrects me: the source of this thread was peter's citation from zizek.


Doyle I know you are right. I can't keep DiGloria out the middle of things today.

I don't know why this has been happening. Out of frustration Digloria writes...

DiGloria: doyle are you looped or what?

Doyle No. I was in a rare funning mood. As in teasing and fooling. And trying to get beyond yelling and being pissy.

DiGloria did you notice that i signed off and apologized to ken for being goofy. even though i'm certain dream date ken would appreciate such a comment. you know, ken mackendrick from method and theory? the zizek reading thread? you were on at one point right? so duh! i thought it was from the m&t list. gimme a break.

Doyle I took my sub off Ken's list awhile back. I can't keep up with Ken and that list. Though Ken is a nice guy, except I have to keep asking and asking for definitions of things. It seems to disturb him to define a word. But beyond his attitude about defining words, he was just fine. I just couldn't keep up. So I didn't have the slightest idea you were talking about Ken, I thought you were talking about Ken. And I thought that was well... provacative, and strange, which I associate with you more and more anyway, and kinda of silly like. Well it turns out as usual I can't figure out half what you are saying until I get on the wrong side of you. And then as I move out of the shadows you sashay around between me and the sun again. And it gets to be a never ending cycle of recrimination, and renewal of resentment. I thought it will eventually lead to a break between myself and your side, and I thought as a last resort I would start acting rediculous as a counter measure against your tactics in order to whip your ass at your own game. Instead,


but hey i'm such an egomaniacal bitch that i truly appreciate that you've kept this thread going by continuing to mention my name and even when it had NOTHING to do with what carroll was saying. which was pretty interesting.

Doyle Which caused me to think that trying to have fun with you is hopeless and unproductive labor at best. Then Yoshie wrote:

How about a post-Butler cybersymposium on Kant, De Sade, Adorno & Horkheimer ("Excursus II: Juliette or Enlightenment and Morality"), Barthes (_Sade, Fourier, Loyola_), Lacan ("Kant avec Sade"), Zizek ("Kant with [or against] Sade"), Pierre Klossowski (_Sade My Neighbor_ & _The Baphomet_), D. A. Miller (_The Novel and the Police_), Eve Sedgwick, and Peter Starr (_Logics of Failed Revolt: French Theory after May '68_)? Baroque variations on capital punishment & la raison d'État.

Or we could move backward and forward, stringing Sade, Sophists, Machiavelli, and Gramsci.

Or we could branch out from Klossowski to Balthus and hopscotch to girl cultures & girls in cultures.


Doyle Which is why I think Yoshie is a whole lot easier to figure out and not as perplexing as DiGloria whey she writes

DiGloria kurious, kelley "And all you can do is more heavy revolvers."

Doyle So that is what this was all about. Does that answer your question DiGloria? regards, Doyle Saylor

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