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Sun Mar 14 11:17:05 PST 1999

i've been meaning to locate this quote and i finally have, but i still can't find the precise refs. it's from 'dialouge with jacques derrida'

"It is precisely for strageic reasons...that i found it necessary to recast the concept of text by generalizing it almost without any limit that *is.* that is why there is nothing "*beyond* the text." that's why South Africa and apartheid are, like you and me, part of the general text, which is not to say that it can be read the way one reads a book. that's why the text is always a field of forces: heterogeneous, differential, open, and so on.

that's why deocnstrcutvie readings and writings are concerned not only with library books, with dicourses, with conceptual and semantic contents. they are not simply analyses of discourse....they are also effective or active...interventions that transform contexts without limiting themselves to theoretical or constative utterances even though they must alos produce such utterances"

kelley "The rest obsequate[d]"

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