Pick a peck of pickles

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon Mar 15 18:37:24 PST 1999

Tom Lehman wrote:
>One of my pals is trying to organize the pickle workers in North
>Carolina who pick and pack pickles. This pals' name is Mike Ferner and
>he is in charge of publicity and public relations for the pickle
>workers. Mike is asking that people email the pivotal pickle producer
>in North Carolina---asking this pickle company to recognize the Farm
>Labor Organizing Committee(FLOC) as the union of the pickle workers.
>You can email Mike at floc at accesstoledo.com or call him at 419-243-3456
>and he can fill you in on the details of the pickle pickers and pickle

What's happening in Columbus, Ohio in support of the FLOC and pickle workers....

***** Boycott Mt. Olive Pickles! *****

Wednesday, March 17

Please join Central Ohio Friends of FLOC for our LOCAL KICK-OFF of the national boycott against Mt. Olive Pickle Co.

Don't buy Mt. Olive until they negotiate a fair contract with the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO.

3:30 PM Meet @ CWA Hall, 27 Euclid Ave. 3:45 PM March to Krogers, 7th & High St. 4 PM to ? Picket @ Krogers with live "union" pickles & human billboards!!

Euclid Ave. is near OSU, north of 7th Ave., east of High St.

Contacts: Mary Jo Kilroy (461-9212) or Jim Wiley (268-7738)


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