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Actually, I remember reading an article that said that the SNPers felt that they needed the money to organize so they were selling some sor t of admission to the "Sons of Scotland" or something like that. For a certain amount of money donated to the SNP in their mission to organize the referendum on separating from England, you'd get your name on some charter-like list of big Scottish kahunas.

Amongst the hillbillies and suburban patrons there are reactionaries and racists among the donors. The reaction of the SNP was to shrug.

A more exciting development is the Scottish Socialist Alliance with the Labor Militant and other left (independent and otherwise) forming their own party recently. They've had a lot of people come in from what I remember and their stance is something like "screw the Blairites and screw capitalism" I think that there's an article about them in a back issue of Socialist Outlook, whose address I dont have but can be accessed by going to, hit useful links, then publications, then socialist outlook. Also there are interesting articles on far left regroupment in France and Portugal in back and current issues of International Viewpoint. You get to IV the same way as SO.

if you want that article on the SNP, you might try asking a friend of mine, Alex C. at achis at He might be able to locate it.

Alex Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:34:40 -0500 From: Margaret <mairead at> Subject: Re: SNP-Neoconfederate links

you (Doug Henwood <dhenwood at>) wrote:

>According to a student of the neoconfederate movement who goes by the
>de guerre Crawfish <>,
there's a
>rich alliance developing between the Scottish National Party and the
>neoconfederates. <>. Anyone know
>anything about this?

I hope it's not true, and from whatever i know of the SNP - which i support - it probably isn't. A lot of scots settled in Appalachia, and their descendents, like most 'volksschottische' :-) feel 'gey strang' ties to Alba. But the SNP is quite socialist and egalitarian, and the League of the South is not. The LotS might like an alliance with the SNP, but i'd be surprised if the SNP didn't run a mile at the idea.

I suspect it's more a case of the neoconfederates imagining that they can get pointers for their own break from the US union by watching the process Scotland will take to split from England. They may not realise that the UK charter of union provides specifically for such a dissolution, whereas the US Constitution does not.


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