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News in our site: March 15/16th

Other than Portuguese, we are featuring in our home page the following news and notes

++++++++++++++ Thousands of people in Ecuador have spent the day queuing outside banks

Boeing to cut 6,700 more jobs than projected

Recent arrests and detentions in Ethiopia

Brazilian landless movement MST goes to Boston

Europe: Half of the greylag geese who spent this winter in Coto Doñana are coming back seriously contaminated by heavy metals

Some questions answered by Gerry Adams

Telecom Italia prepares job cuts. 40.000 workers or so

A two-day walkout by graduate student instructors at the University of Michigan

Letter from prison by Arek Bach, IWW member at jail in Gdansk

Sign the online petition for the animals of the Karttula breeder

MANA (Studies in Social Anthropology), an initiative held at the National Museum, in Rio de Janeiro

'Lee' Falk dead at 87

The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions reports a good beginning in a campaign

Mali authorizes partial privatisation of telecommunication and electricity services

Africa: The privatisation of war

The international anti-biotech movement is rapidly developing into a serious threat to Monsanto

Geography of Freedom : The Odyssey of Elisee Reclus (who was born March 15th)

Nelson Mandela (remember?) announces `world's largest' forest privatisation

Canada: They are homeless. And can't say a word

The web site of Brazilian painter Aldemir Martins (English page) ++++++++++++ La crisis financiera redujo a la mitad el crecimiento económico de Latinoamérica

Ecuador frente a un abismo social

Comisión Europea: fraude, corrupción, nepotismo. Y dimisión colegiada

Córcega sigue siendo un feudo electoral de la derecha

Los cultivos genéticamente modificados enfrentan a las multinacionales con la sociedad civil

Ecuador: Sindicatos y oposición llaman a la desobediencia civil

El Frente Polisario amenaza con la sublevación si Rabat bloquea el referéndum

La penetracion de terratenientes brasileros a territorios intercomunales del pueblo chiquitano en Bolivia

Guayasamín deja en su obra el testimonio de su defensa de los desposeídos de los Andes +++++++++++++ La page de l'Association pour une Taxation des Transactions financières pour l'Aide aux Citoyens (ATTAC)

Les journalistes veulent accélérer l'application de la loi des 35 heures

La colère des personnels d'ELF Aquitaine ++++++++++++ La Croazia giudica il suo passato nero

La marcia dei girasoli per la libertà dei kurdi

Brasile: La Conferenza episcopale contro le "inaccettabili" misure economiche del governo ++++++++++++ Allekirjoita vetoomus Karttulan kasvattamon eläinten puolesta ++++++++++++ Comite voor de Opheffing van de Derde Wereldschuld

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