School vouchers

Tom Lehman uswa12 at
Wed Mar 17 08:39:30 PST 1999

The big problem with school funding and the one that no politician wants to touch---is tax abatement!

In Ohio billions and billions of dollars in property taxes which would have gone to schools have been abated in the name of economic development. Even your mom and pop corporations want tax abatement.

I've got some figures based on a mid-90's audit of school funding in Ohio, I'll have to dig out and post.

The excuse the corporation usually gives is, if you don't give it to us some other place will.

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Max Sawicky wrote:

> > Home schooling. Hmm. I have a slightly less hostile reaction to
> those plans, as long as home schooling isn't sucking off public
> money.>
> The more home schoolers there are, the more likely we will
> eventually see some kind of tax deduction associated with it.
> > In this case, the home schooling is run as a co-op with parents
> trading off duties, subjects, field trips, and misc organization
> details--all Berkeley Left types. So, from my perspective this
> example is the best of all possible versions of home schooling.>
> Problem is that if you buy this type of arrangement, it's not as
> easy to declaim against coops of a right-wing or cultist sort.
> I agree with you that more centralized revenue systems at the
> state level would be helpful, though there is a difficult
> governance/efficiency side of the issue which is usually
> discounted on the left.
> mbs

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