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A different approach to irony, one that attempts to move beyond the confusions and unclarities of the rhetorical tradition, can be found in

Dan Sperber & Deirdre Wilson (1981) 'Irony and the use/mention distinction' in Peter Cole, ed., "Radical Pragmatics", Academic Press, pp.295-318.

Dan Sperber & Deirdre Wilson (1986/1995 2nd ed.) "Relevance", Blackwell.

In the latter, the authors give up/take back some of the earlier approach as they embed their ideas on irony within their larger project of rethinking (linguistic) pragmatics (viz., 'relevance theory', arguably the leader in this admittedly not overcrowded field). Whether their self-criticism represents an advance in the study of irony I leave as an exercise for the reader.

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