death penalty

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Wed Mar 17 12:32:59 PST 1999

From sokol at Wed Mar 17 12:18:43 1999

A broader issue is that the main point of the Left's opposition

to death penalty (at least as I see it) is that it is class


This is a vast simplification; in fact, the class (or race, depending on how you see it) bias is just icing on the cake: the abuse of the death penalty is *further* evidence that the death penalty is stupid.

Other easy reasons include:

. It's incredibly expensive (3x is the usual figure cited over

life in prison) . It provides no real deterrent . It's barbaric . It doesn't serve justice; in fact it goes the other way and

doles out punishment to not just the criminal but to their

families and loved ones.

(I personally have no problems with executing or otherwise

disposing of upper class men who view themselves above the


Why is it that you're able to value one group over the other? I guess it's a good thing you're not in charge :)

An interesting document is this one:


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