Irony, again

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Wed Mar 17 22:16:02 PST 1999

> Poor Zsa-Zsa! Yes, I well remember her as the prototypic "celebrity: a
> person who is famous for being well-known." She seems a wit on the
> order of Oscar Wilde, though, compared to that buffoon Letterman.

I used to watch Letterman all the time but stopped. The show went down a lot in the past five years. He was more liberal back then too. Would openly ridicule management and support striking television workers, calling the bosses "money grubbing scum." He also wasn't as much of a schmoozer with guests -- asked them more challenging questions, albeit in a show biz vein. Though I'm not remotely familiar with current music, my impression is that they book newer, less commercial bands. Mainly I got sick of the cab driver jokes.


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