School vouchers

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Mar 17 19:46:51 PST 1999

Chuck wrote:
>On a personal level, I prefer public school with plenty of community
>support, a progressive board, and good teachers to any
>alternatives. It is important to remember the reason public education
>is and was failing is quite simple--no money. So, before dreaming up a
>bunch of bullshit, how about coughing up the damned money and skipping
>all the moral smoke and mirror issues. Better pay, clean, new, well
>managed facilities, well stocked libraries, and so on. You know, fix
>the problems, instead of inventing nonsense around them. Here, the best
>way to do this is to changed the State regs and get rid of the
>proporitional property tax allocation system, along with the Average
>Daily Attendence system. In others words, spend the same on every kid in
>every district in the state.

I agree with what Chuck wrote here wholeheartedly. The reason why some working-class parents may get attracted to voucher and other ideas that penalize the entire class is that many of the existing public schools have been purposefully made so unattractive that they want to opt out if they can. Make all public schools equally attractive, as attractive as the magnet school that one of the listers wrote of in detail here, and privatization will lose most of its supporters.


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