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Thu Mar 18 06:27:34 PST 1999

hi rakesh,

go right now and get that book off the shelf so i can glean some elaborations.

>the top of my head: I remain skeptical of the "functional" definition
>abstract labor brilliantly developed by Postone

becuase you think he makes abstract labour functional? to what? or do you mean something else?

, the treadmill effect in
>his proufound chapter "Dialectic of Labor and Time", and his embrace
>social movements.

becuase you think he goes to far, or goes at all, toward beleiving that labour is tainted? is that what you mean?

Of course his Sohn-Rethel inspired emphasis on the
>derivation of 'forms of thought' and apparently a priori notions from
>social relations of production strikes me as a very difficult
argument to
>sustain, but most expertly done.

sohn-rethel has not been enough read, or not enough amongst people i've spoken to, which might not be many at all, but why is this a problem? as much sohn-rethel as pashukanis was here, though the latter not referenced, or as far as i can recall. you have a problem with deriving forms of thought from the social relations of prodn? (i'm not sure about the a priori bit in that sentence) --- i ask not becasue i want to jump, but because i am not clear on what you mean.

>It's a great, great book.

yes it is.


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