Helping Carrol with irony

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Thu Mar 18 19:17:54 PST 1999

Hello everyone,

Alex constructs a list. The list of ironies Alex lists is what Carrol was writing about isn't irony. An ironic attitude at that level of listing is pretty cardboardy. Not very intellectually nourishing. Carrol would like people to discuss things at a deeper understanding which is why he went to the trouble of trying to make himself clear enough about what he meant. Also Alex, Carrol taught English for decades. He does know a lot about the subject. If you had writ your words just to LBO, we would have thought, well he has a desire to make some funny remarks. And wait and see. But Alex, you are just baiting Carrol. What does that get you? Not much. Rise to the occasion. regards, Doyle

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