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Thu Mar 18 10:36:30 PST 1999

>>CB: Marx and all of them seem to formulate their theory that there
must be a developed proletariat, wage-labor, capitalist relations of production, developed industrial, mass production and division of labor as an OBJECTIVE precondition for transition to socialism. These preconditions have been in existence and way beyond ready for many decades in many countries , including the U.S. and Austalia. Many capitalist ongoing and cyclical crises have occurred over the years based on the objective , law governed motion of the capitalist mode. The capitalists have shown that they will always take back when they get the chance, any and all reforms won by past struggles.<<

what they formulate, as distinct from formalise, is that capitalism is the precursor to socialism. the extent to which this has to be 'developed' is very unclear. moreover, it is important me thinks to keep in mind the difference between the formulation of an hypothesis and the formalisation of a beleif. in any case, one could possibly go through these various 'objective factors' (a phrase that deserves the scare quotes) and show that there is no ideal type anywhere in existence. for instance: the working class is not homogeneous, production methods are constantly changing in ways which amplify (give new life to and underpin, generate, transform into a different organisation of) this lack of homogeniety, etc. it's a struggle, not an endless wait for real consciousness to spring forth from behind the phenomenal modes of its appearance, since these phenomenal modes are also its very being, relate to the forms of its existence, including that of the kinds of the labour process that obtain, objectively, in your terms.

so: when you say that capitalists reverse gains, this is also a part of the ways in which (subjectively and objectively) these conditions are in fact hardly 'ripe'. the fruit analogy just doesn't quite make it.

>>CB: The more the face changes, the more it stays the same, from now
on, until it makes the real change. It's like McDonald's coming out with a new hamburger combination with a new name periodically.<<

now, who's advocating the french conservative slogan?


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