Building community

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Fri Mar 19 22:30:36 PST 1999

Hello Yoshie,

I like your being in the world. You wrote: "I've come to like Chuck Grimes very much, too...." And others.

Just to be clear, I think you influence a certain pulling together of people. I mean maybe I am just predjudiced and the people I like do what I imagine I want, but anyway I just wanted you to hear I felt and thought that about you. I thought I would like to contribute to that direction in you. I don't know where that is going because this is a complicated bunch of people, but I think of you as being a pretty good person to orient to like a compass. I like the people you raise as your allies. And you also mention Kelley. I like her. I think I tend to find your remarks about Kelley pretty right on. Anyhow, Kelley is an example of someone in which things seem complicated. But I raise her because I think of you as someone who is clearer and more of a bond to things. whereas at least for me, even though I like Kelley, it is much harder to see how to build connections with her. That is just my perspective of course. Kelley might feel that about me. But that leaves me with the sense that you are someone for whom I feel a trust that something right and steady is growing out of liking you. I like that quality of yours in building a community. It so happens you also are taking a lead in many ways in this little community of people. So what you build I support.

I like Chuck because he has a lot of experience with pictures like me.

I will write about Lucien Freud who is one of my favorite painters. I will say various things which is about how I view the body. That is representing it. Doyle

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