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Michael Hoover hoov at
Sun Mar 21 02:59:57 PST 1999

> Herbert Marcuse remained with the CIA right up to the time of
> the Korean War.
> Marcuse's CIA background was first publicly exposed over thirty years
> ago by the Progressive Labor Party in its newspaper, "Challenge."
> The attempted to use this revelation to "CIA-bait" the New Left
> generally, against whom they were waging a bitter struggle to
> for control of SDS.
> >Marcuse started working for the OSS and was later employed by the
> >CIA. All this is described in the first volume of Marcuse's papers
> >(Technology, War and Fascism, ed Douglas Kellner).

retrieved above from my stored file...

Kellner's edited volume of Marcuse's papers does not describe his being 'later employed by the CIA'...Kellner himself has told me that allegations of a Marcuse-CIA connection are 'utter nonsense' (his phrase)...Kellner rejects such charges in his introduction to _Technoloyy, War, and Fascism_ (p. 25)...

The PLP charge was in an unsigned, anonymous piece - 'Marcuse: Cop-out or Cop' (Feb. 1969) that said more about the self-immolation of the US New Left than anything else...Marcuse was being attacked at that time by Ronald Reagan and Gus Hall, PLP and American Legion, Kremlin and Vatican, Minutemen and the 50s, both soc-dem Irving Howe and right-winger Eric Hoffer called Marcuse a Stalinist because he didn't unequivocally support '56 Hungarian uprising...

Marcuse's post-WW2 work was in Central European Branch of Office of Intelligence Research of US State Dept...he can be criticized for initially thinking that he could have some impact in preventing the Cold War pull of US foreign policy and for remaining in job until 1951 (although he claimed that latter was result of his wife's cancer)...he wrote about isolation and unhappiness of this period in _Revolution or Reform_...Michael Hoover

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