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Sun Mar 21 06:15:48 PST 1999

>How about Brazilian Nelson Pereira Dos Santos' *Como Era Gostoso Meu
>Francaise* (How Tasty Was My Frenchman)?...Tupinamba capture European
>and sentence him to death for colonial genocide... prior to his execution,
>he is provided a wife (widow of murdered Tupinamba) and allowed to 'go
>native' (clothing, daily rituals, etc)...final shot shows woman who was
>the wife calmly eating a cooked piece of Euro...Michael Hoover

yeah the neck--all the important people in the community get to pick which part they want even while he's living amongst them. don't forget opening scene: piles and piles of indigenous people slaughtered by Europeans


"And all you can do is more heavy revolvers."

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