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Kelley Digloria:

i know greg was goofing off, and maybe WDK too, but who knows? and it seemed to be typed as if there were no women in the LBO clubhouse. now, that's annoying. would anyone have spoken of an ethnic group in this way? NO.

GN: Actually the main point that I had, which seems to have been missed, is that this is output from a "mainstream publication." That is to say there is a kind of soft=>hard porn continuum which in my day started with playboy, proceeded through Hustler, and then went out further into the speciality porn rags with increasing degrees of kinkiness and specialization.

The "Holy Cow!" was that I was surprised to see this kind of stuff rolling off the press of the sports equivalent of time magazine. And the rest pointed out the peculiarities of "blurring the line." But it seems to be turning into a philippic against men who "enjoy" this stuff which was neither my point nor of much interest. I continue to think it's an unusual degree of eroticization to be pumping into the "mainstream." If Hustler ran spreads like this it wouldn't get a comment from Jay Leno. Beaver shots every month in Hustler and Playboy don't elicit comments from me. Nothing unusual here. But Leno/Letterman make jokes precisely because SI is within "mainstream purview" and presumably is the kind of thing taht a kid could take to skool and NOT have confiscated (unlike Playboy, Hustler, etc.) And I'm commenting on it precisely because it is a pop-cultural develop[ment of note.

It's pretty typical of pomo femme type approaches that this discussion turns into taking umbrage against anyone on the list who raised the topic, as if it were an insult to women on the list. I'm not the one that put SI into the drugstore near you (probably in more places than you'll find Playboy; and for some reaosn the Christian Right seems to give SI a "pass"). I am simply "shocked, shocked to see that this kind of thing is going on in the mainstream."

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