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Mon Mar 22 02:25:30 PST 1999

To whom,

My friend accidentally asked me what I thought Clinton would be remembered for. It was just one of those accidents of phrasing that happen during a conversation. It has made me and I have arrived at this passage for a history text circa 2090:

The presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, which was marked by scandal, began a political shift in the developed nations that confirmed the Reagan-Thatcher swing to the right. With the demise of Soviet statism, Western nations previously mired in the Cold War began to elect leaders from the historically left/labor parties. These leaders, beginning with Clinton, used their terms in office to move their parties center-right, adopting many of the same policies as the right/capitalist parties. This was not so much an adoption of right wing policy as a wholesale abandoning of portions of the left-wing ideology as finance and financial markets took center stage in Western thinking. The move of the "loyal opposition" parties towards the conservatism they had opposed signaled a dearth of viable political options other than a pro-capitalist ideology. That ideology informed a politics that trailed, rather than led, capitalism towards a crisis in the year................


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