Brad, Oskar, Noam

Carl Remick cremick at
Mon Mar 22 12:25:09 PST 1999

> Do you really think that the _Economist_ is delighted that
> Oskar Lafontaine
> resigned? Or that the _Economist_ thinks that the powers that
> be *should*
> be delighted?

How do you define "delight," Brad? The following is from this week's issue of the Economist:

" ... neither the [German] government's image nor its efficacy were likely to improve while Mr Lafontaine stayed put. His greatest skill, it seemed, was making enemies. He had riled the Americans and British with talk of creating exchange-rate zones and harmonising taxes; infuriated German business with plans to make companies pay for consumer tax cuts; and irritated the European Central Bank by persistently calling for lower interest rates. Paradoxically, the bank may be more likely to do just that, now that the nagging is likely to stop. ...

"With the statist Mr Lafontaine gone, the new team has a chance to put things right-if Captain Schröder has the courage to lead."

Carl Remick

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