Buying 'Intentions' (was Re: Giggly Guys)

digloria at digloria at
Wed Mar 24 11:51:26 PST 1999

rob, this was really great! i'll definitely shout you out a beer and a chaser. in canberra ey?


>A naked woman leans over a fence. A man buys a magazine and stares at
>her picture. The destinies of these two are linked. The man has paid the
>woman to take off her clothes, to lean over the fence. The photograph
>contains its history -- the moment the woman unbuttoned her shirt, how she
>felt, what the photographer said. The price of the magazine is a code that
>describes the relationships between all those people -- the woman, the man,
>the publisher, the photographer -- who commanded, who obeyed. The cup of
>coffee contains the history of the peasants who picked the beans, how some of
>them fainted in the heat of the sun, some were beaten, some were kicked.
>For two days I could see the fetishism of commodities everywhere around
>me. It was a strange feeling. Then on the third day I lost it, it was gone,
>I couldn't see it anymore.

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