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Barkely Rosser on this provided an excellent background information which clearly indicates that the "ethnic claims" laid down by the KLA are rather bogus. Kosovo has been an integral part of Serbia, and the Albanian majority in the region has more to do with recent migrations and dissolution of civil order in Albania than with "ethnic roots."

I would also like to stress Barkley's point that KLA are but patriarchal and chauvinistic mafiosi, a European version of the Taliban if you will - in a word, folks that few progressives would want to support, even if they were slaughtered before our own eyes.

Another important point in Barkley's piece is that while ethnic conflicts in the region have existed for a long time, their current resurgence is not a result of those ancient animosities - as the Western propaganda machine maintains - but a conscious effort of the regional rulers to mobilize support for their causes. So the issue is not ethnic diversity and ethnic animosities per se, but using them by the leaders to mobilize support. We should remember that those supposedly "ancient animosities" were effectively suppressed by the Tito government - so there is a way of dealing with them, if there is political will.

In other words, the high moral ground Clinton and Co. are taking is but a cynical ploy to justify a purely imperialist adventure.

as to:

>As to 'media-implanted liberal shit', i rather doubt
>you have any more authoritative sources, but if you do
>i'd certainly be glad to have pointers to them. I
>think we're all at the mercy of the corporate
>propaganda machines, but it's not clear to me that
>there's any perfect way around that problem.

You are right. But there are also alternative sources, such as the internet. I spent most of the day today (at my employer's expense, ha, ha, ha) surfing various sites. As a rule, I ignore the mainstream media, especially the US-based (a particularly idiotic brand of corporate propaganda), on the grounds that no information is better than misinformation. But as you said, there is no a perfect way around the problem.

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