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Tom Lehman uswa12 at lorainccc.edu
Thu Mar 25 15:50:41 PST 1999

Dear Wojtek and Barkley,

Ohio Gov. George Voinovich came out of the closet this morning and admitted that he is Serbian-Slovenian. Atta boy, George!!! We knew it all the time.

Your Ohio Dutch correspondent(formerly Pennsylvania Dutch) and email pal,

Tom L.

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

> At 03:35 PM 3/25/99 -0600, Carrol wrote:
> >Apparently Yeltsin & associated mobsters have not emptied
> >Russia of all national integrity. From the local paper here this
> >morning (a Knight Ridder dispatch, dateline Moscow):
> >
> >President Boris Yeltsin, underscoring fierce Russian outrage
> >at NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia, responded by
> >severing relations with NATO, recalling Russia's representative
> >to NATO ...and calling for an emergency meeting of the
> >United States -- Ooops, I mean Nations -- Security Council
> >to halt the attacks. . . .
> >
> >Whether this is just a gesture while assuring the bastards in
> >D.C. behind the scenes that no real objections are meant, I
> >do not know.
> That is a possibility. Some time ago, a source familar with the region
> told me that Milosevic made a grave mistake by siding with the attempted
> military coup leaders that tried to oust Gorbachev in 1989 or 90 (I do not
> recall the exact date). Clearly Milosevic gambled hoping to win support of
> what he saw as future leadership in Moscow, but he miscalcuated. That coup
> was thwarted by forces led by Yeltsin and that explains the animosity
> between the two men. I hear that there is considerable dissatisfaction
> with Milosevic inside Russia - many Russians believe that Milosevic's
> uncompromising stance jeopardizes the fine line Russia tries to walk in the
> times of her weakness.
> But I also think that Russians would be fools if they let the US to
> continue with its terror bombings - because that would demonstrate the
> clear inferiority of Russian-made hardware, if not for other reasons. A
> few downed F-16 (according to Russian sources, the Serbs already downed 2
> NATO planes) could restore the reputation of Russian-made weapons and thus
> boost future sales.
> regards,
> Wojtek
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