Protest against the Bombing

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Fri Mar 26 10:10:11 PST 1999

At 12:15 PM 3/26/99 -0500, Margaret wrote:
>Paul Henry Rosenberg <rad at> wrote:
>>Sure, why not? Why shouldn't the left join up in the latest surge in
>>military mania? If we try hard enough, we can permanently alienate
>>Russia, bringing the most reactionary forces there to power.
>>Then we'll be able to DOUBLE defense spending under a Democratic
>>President and TRIPLE it under a Republican. Or is it the other way
>You've lost me, i'm afraid, Paul. Are you saying that
>we ought to try to appease the Russians? 'Peace in
>our time', sort of thing?

Margaret, do you really believe that there will be an outcome of the Kosovo adventure other than boosting defence spending in the US (and perhaps in Europe) and subsequent economic boom translating into political support for the current administrations? You must be joking when you suggest that Clintons and Blairs have any concern whatsover for any human life that cannot be immediately transformed into a vote, no?


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