Thanks to Kosovo

Josh Mason Jmason at
Fri Mar 26 10:45:47 PST 1999

C. G. Estabrook:

>As Diana Johnstone puts it, rather neatly, --

Anything from this source should be treated with great skepticism. Johnstone is a longtime friend of a group of officials in Milosevic's wife's political party--stays with them when she's in Yugoslavia, depends on them (often exclusively) as sources for her articles, etc.

I know this because I was for a while an editor at In These Times, whose European correspondent she once was. We were forced to stop printing her stuff when we learned where it was coming from--there wasn't even the pretense of independent reporting.

This piece is typical: does anyone here seriously believe that the KLA was created by NATO to give them a pretext to bomb Serbia? (Well, not quite typical, since she doesn't, as she tried to in our pages, deny the slaughter of Muslims by Bosnian Serbs.)


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