Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Mar 27 08:49:36 PST 1999

Brad De Long wrote:

>So do you think that the people of Greece would have been happier if its
>post-WWII politics had been moe like those of Bulgaria?

We have no idea of how Europe would have turned out in the early post-WW II years had it not been for the Cold War and U.S. resolve to destroy the USSR. U.S. policy helped create the repressive monster its propaganda condemned - starting not in 1945 but 1917. What would Western Europe have been like had the CIA not intervened in Italy, Germany, and France?

Brad, you've professed mystification at U.S. policy towards Russia over the last 10 years. But the kind of hell the U.S. helped plan and execute for the former Soviet Union shows just how much Washington's policy was motivated by humanitarian and democratic concerns all along.


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